For our safety and for your safety we will now be doing NO contact delivery which means that all payment methods will be E-Transfer or through Credit card at delivery spot, and the order will be dropped of at door step to minimize any hand to hand contact and spread of bacteria.

New Flavours

2 new flavours Coffee and Birthday Cake have been added to the individual cupcakes. Order now to get a taste of sweet Coffee or delicious Birthday Cake.

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All for Show (And Eating!)

Special events or wedding centerpieces are available with setup services.

The Sweeter Alternative

Don’t waste your time and money looking for a flower bouquet that dies after a few days. Switch to Sweet Bouquet, a unique and delicious cupcake bouquet.

Amazing Cupcake Bouquet's in Calgary

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Why choose us?

High Quality Ingredients

We use only high quality ingredients, and add a lot of love that you can feel with every cupcake.

Award Winning

Sweet Bouquet is a proud winner of the 2014 first place prize in the Calgary Sugar Competition.

Licensed & AHS Approved

Sweet Bouquet is licensed from the City of Calgary, approved by AHS, and has food safety and handling certificates.